Montag, 28. Juni 2010

distract me.

 I´ll have to write a test tomorrow, so all i should be doing these days
is sit in front of my pc and learn about the Austrian fauna.
Reality is that I am doing a lot other stuff and manage to learn in the gaps
between... if you wonder if that system is working:
No, it´s not, so I´m again in a hurry like everytime before important exams.

Nevertheless I took some time to visit some fleamarkets 
and  (surprise surprise!) was successfully finding some new old stuff...
you see, collectors-disease stroke again....

 love the dotted one, it fits to the bowl i bought last week

makro lens for my DSLR, not a professional one, but cheap : )

this camera, which contained a film suitable for my agfamatic

 agfamatic now loaded and ready to shoot! yay!

another agfa that needs common 35mm film

 a colorful replacement for my broken land
(for only 1€ : )

 first pic with the "new" land, bit blurry but its working!

some great shoes i totally fell in love with.
since they are not my size (damn!) i gave them to my sister.
They are Waldviertler, handmade in Austria and still affordable.
Me, my mom and my sister love to wear them.

I´m back to studying now, wish me luck for tomorrow!


Brooke hat gesagt…

Wow, you picked up some amazing finds. Love how your cup collection is growing! And that Land camera...awesome.

GOOD LUCK tomorrow!!

Sophia hat gesagt…

:)I wish you luck for the autumn
and thank you for the beautiful shoes

Violet hat gesagt…

Good luck in the exam. I am also trying to revise for an exam, but I am also distracted by pretty things

bananenblatt hat gesagt…

thank you all for your good thoughts. i keep them in mind for autumn, when i´ll make another attempt :)

mina hat gesagt…

that kodak camera is adorable.

bananenblatt hat gesagt…

@mina: yes it is, if only the films for it were still made...lets hope for the future to bring back those^^