Donnerstag, 25. August 2011

home is where you park it

one of our many resting places

traditional romanian clogs i bought here.
I´ve wanted some since our first trip to romania two years ago, they are really comfy!
bushfire near Vadu
Two and a half weeks have already past since we left vienna to go to slovakia, romania and finally bulgaria. Time is running so fast and i would want one more month to live in our van, so we could go to Greece, too. But on monday next week we will have to start our way back to vienna, as we will have to go 500km per day. We also have a new member in our family:

She is about 6 weeks old and was abandoned at the parking lot of a big supermarket, nearly run over by the cars. We decided to take her with us and try to find a good home for her. She likes to  fall asleep on my neck or in my armpit. In the morning she is crawling on our faces to wake us up.
As every year i have so many ideas of stuff i want to do when i´m back home, like practicing Italian language, sewing ideas etc. and i hope i can pull off all of those and not get slowed down by the daily routine and the city blues.

Dienstag, 2. August 2011

Emil und die Flohmarktbeute!

Hab Post von Birdie bekommen!
Emil heißt die Glasflasche ^^
Die Rezepte im Saftbuch hören sich schon mal lecker an, sobald ich eines ausprobiert hab, werd ich drüber berichten!
Vielen lieben Dank nochmal, Birdie!

Am Sonntag hab ich auf einem Flohmarkt Gewand, Schuhe und anderes Klumpert von mir verkauft
und bin trotz miesem Wetter einiges los geworden. Unsere Standnachbarn waren ein älteres Ehepaar und total   lieb. Ich hab mich sogar zusammengerissen und bin keine Runde gegangen, um zu stöbern. Nur einen Stand, der mich von Weitem angelacht hat, hab ich besucht und prompt einen Retro-Digital-Wecker und mein neues Lieblingsleiberl gefunden.
Von meiner Mitverkäuferin hab ich diese tolle ägyptische Kette geschenkt bekommen, und einen sonnengelben Pulli um 1€.
Alles in allem bin ich sehr zufrieden mit der Ausbeute, und froh, dasss ich mich beherrschen konnte!
Birdies presents arrived today!
The bottle is named Emil ^^
The recipes in the book about healthy juices sound all very tasty and i will share my opinion about them, as soon as i have tried some.
A Big Thank You, Birdie!

On Sunday i sold some of my stuff (clothes, shoes and such things) at a fleamarket and despite  the cloudy and drizzly weather it paid off quite well.
I also restrained myself from buying stuff from other sellers, i didn´t even go around to have a look.
I visited just one other stand and bought my new favourite t-shirt and a retro-alarm-clock.
My friend, who joined me there, gave me this egyptian necklace as a present and a light yellow sweater jacket for 1€.
On the whole i´m really happy with the results from the market, and we plan to repeat it in fall.
das blaue Shirt ist das neue Lieblingsshirt/ the blue shirt is my new favourite