Montag, 31. Mai 2010


....some elder i picked yesterday evening to make pancakes with. After three scoops of ice cream (ashanti, pistachio, yoghurt-raspberry) i decided to put them in a vase instead. This morning my kitchen smelled like an elder bush^^
And a glimpse at snusnu helping to change the sheets:

Sonntag, 30. Mai 2010

Freitag, 28. Mai 2010

green blood.

....gladly my banana-plant survived the moving to a larger pot and is unrolling a new - bigger than ever - leaf every second week since then. Also the new leaves have these brown patches which i suggest get green after some time. I´m so happy watching it live and grow!

Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010


i love how the orange courtains affect the whole room
found on the selby

Montag, 24. Mai 2010


tonight i dreamed of a giant white fish with long fur. i put my arms around his head and then he jumped up out of the water with me on his back...

Sonntag, 23. Mai 2010

eating corn with chopsticks

Yesterdays evening project:
I hardly ever wore those so i had to change something about them, and here´s the result:


I think they look much better now... and believe me, it wasn´t as easy as i thought it would be (like always:)
since i couldn´t manage to sew a lot with the sewing machine i had to sew by hand without a thimble, which isn´t as easy with this thick layered fabric. so i had to take pliers to hold the needle and push it trough the layers.... have to get a thimble soon (why do i have none???)

I would love to change the colour into maybe red or something, but don´t know if the fabric is all acrylic, cause then dying wouldn´t work. Maybe i just try it out and see what comes out of that...

ps: do you wonder about the title?  thats what i did last night ^^

Samstag, 22. Mai 2010

the early bird gets the worm

Normally i stick to that phrase, no matter in which content, particularly on weekends when it's all about fleamarkets. Today i had to make an exception and "sleep in"  until half past seven, cause my two lovely kitten wont let me sleep since the first sunbeam reached the windows - which is around five o clock these days....  despite that i was lucky enough to find something nice at the local fleamarket:
I'm curious to see if the barometer is still working... if not it's still a nice decoration
And i just put all my stuff from my old (boring black plastic) wallet into this new nicely coloured leather purse and it´s even better organized than my old one!
Today it´s the first sunny day since at least a week of rain and cloudy skies so i´ll have to do my laundry fast and then get out in the sun!
I wish you all a nice weekend!

Dienstag, 18. Mai 2010


Last night i made a fabric-cover for a scrapbook and today i finished it with some yellow (or light orange if you want) running stitch to add some colour. I´m pretty happy with the result:
It was a present for a good friend of mine who studies architecture and turned twentyone today.
Somehow it was sad for me to give the book out of my hands, so i think i´ll have to make another one for myself

Sonntag, 16. Mai 2010

taiwan crush.

Found these on a small fleamarket today. The golden bangle, the necklace and the dark coloured leatherbracelet are from a nice cheerful taiwanese girl named Violet. The necklace is made by herself and i would have bought a bunch of shoes from her (maybe all she had to sell) if only they were my size. I think i'll have to go shopping in Taiwan one day.....

Samstag, 15. Mai 2010

This makes me wanna stamp!

Some months ago i read about stamp making at Jo's blog but didn't think of trying it myself  until i saw these amazing pieces made by Iefke de Roos
When i'm in Amsterdam one day (hopefully soon:) i will visit her shop.
Or maybe buy something online before....
and for sure make some stamps on my own:)


It wont be necessary to jump out of my skin. Never ever again. You know why? Coz today i found a facial cleanser that makes my skin smooth like baby skin (more or less;)
Its "Herbalism" by Lush and made of almond and rice bran and some other well chosen  ingredients - and its green like peamush! The nice lady at the shop also gave me a sample of the "Coco cream" for trying as a body lotion, and i´m already hooked on it... its non perfumed and leaves a velvety coat on your skin....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
If you want to know more just check out the website and read about their ideas of eco-friendly cosmetics.

In case you wonder if i already tried to wash my hair with rice bran: nope!
i didnt find any at near shops so i chose to take wheat bran instead - big mistake!
It took about twenty minutes to wash it out of my hair (including two or three times shampooing)
tomorrow i search for REAL ORIGINAL RICE BRAN at local asian food shops
and then give it a (second) try........

Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2010

stop thinking.

Sometimes i need something to cheer me up and keep me from thinking. That happens when i find a blog like this

There was this post about spoons which really caught my eye. Especially this one:
And also some good photographs 

 image copyright: Kitka design toronto

 As maybe you can tell by now i´m a little obsessed with everything asian....

Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010


today i stumbled upon some nice finds on etsy:
Eco-friendly footwear from treadlightgear
Vegan cedar-mint rice bran soap from brown rice family

Rice bran is said to be really good for skin and hair, so i decided to give it a try and use it for washing my hair and face..... i´m curious if that works!? Going to buy some bran today....

And there´s this website where i love to click through the pictures of creative spaces 
from all over the world
copyright: Paul Barbera

Mittwoch, 5. Mai 2010


since i (finally!) managed to mount some boards to my windowsill to widen it, my cats are even more busy watching the birds outside and chattering when they fly across.
Next to the plants there´s still some space for them to lie in the sun (and some space for more plants, too :)
One of my recent finds from a fleamarket is this beauty:

I cant wait for it to be grown bigger, because now its nearly vanishing inside its pot...