Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

voor lotte.

i´m wearing my long hair in a top knot almost every day,
to keep it out of my face and because i don´t
like loose hairs on my clothes and floor.
Often i get tired of that same look day in day out,
i had to try it out.
when i look at the photos, i realise how much facets
my dark hair has, to me it always appears just as dark as ebony ...
but that has facets, too, right?

so much for that, now i´m back to learning zoophysiology...

Samstag, 8. Januar 2011

so little time.

what you see here is my schedule of exams for the current semester.
The only one i already did turned out to be a fail (=5).
So i decided to cut off the time i spend browsing the internet
and study harder instead. 
Sounds logic, right?
Actually i dont feel very happy about that, because
i get a lot of inspiration from my favourite blogs...
so i made kind of a sort out and reduced the blogs i follow
to those i enjoy most.

I hope i will manage to study, meet friends, practice yoga, 
spend enough time with my boyfriend, stay in touch with my family
and find some spare time for my crafty hobbies, 
and pass all those exams!

and not turn into an antisocial hermit
(like i did so many times before exams)