Sonntag, 6. Februar 2011

boodle soup.

Today i managed to convince my boyfriend to go for a walk with me.
It was not easy and took some bribe in the form of soup
and some headachekillers - and finally we went outside!
juhuuu, bye computer, farewell physiologybook!
i really needed a break from studying and from being inside
while seeing the sun shining outside.

We did not go very long, but long enough 
to gain some energy from the sun and the fresh air.
I took those few pics and then the battery of my camera was dead...

Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

turkish delight.

Two days ago i bought these parts of an old kelim.
The seller said it´s from around 1930.
I handwashed them because they smelled like an ashtray, 
now they smell like old carpet :)

i don´t know already what i will make out of them (maybe pillowcases?)
but i´m pretty sure they will go in the van.
i´m so excited about painting and rearranging the interior of the van
as soon as it gets warmer...

Donnerstag, 3. Februar 2011

short break.

what i sewed yesterday:

 (it's a potholder)

and some cute pics of my creative assistant...

they are both losing massive amounts of fur these days,
sticking on my face and in my mouth...everywhere!!

Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011


Bought me this book yesterday and cant wait 
to try out the techniques that are shown in it.


it also includes some original templates from yellow owl workshop,
which are lovely as you can see above.
hopefully i can show you some prints of my own soon...
i´m already gasping for some creative work, but my marathon of exams
is not over yet, so i have to be patient....

anyways, i think i´m going to sew or knit or crotchet later today :)