Sonntag, 25. Juli 2010

off we go.

Went to Kritzendorf on saturday with Jacqueline to buy some fabric.
On the way we saw these awesome old locomotives...
there was also a "Tanz-wagon" (=dance-waggon) trailed!

This morning i made this bag, which is supposed to
carry Jacquelines towel and stuff when she goes swimming.
I think it turned out pretty well and she was very happy about it, too.

So finally tomorrow morning i will leave Vienna 
to go on the trip to France, Spain and Portugal with Lisa.
My backpack contains everything i will probably need 
during the next 7 weeks.... including my hammok, 
diving goggles, a snorkel, chargers for my cameras 
and lots of drawers^^
I will miss reading my favourite blogs, but 
i´m looking forward to catch up on all the new posts in September!
Also I´ll try to make some posts during the trip!
Have a terrific summer everyone!

Samstag, 24. Juli 2010


Went thrifting with my sister on friday, and we were both pretty successful.
I found this spring (which i got for free :) and turned it into a pendant for a necklace.
I really love the battered look of it...

sugar bowl.
 will use it for salt instead.

Old "Funkmeister" for use at a gas stove.
The perfect gadget for the van^^
This beautiful old mirror will also go in the van...

And my lovely caring sis made me this "Nackenhörnchen",
so i wont get pain in my neck from sleeping in the van...

Today i went on the big weekly fleamarket 
and found these yellow fishermans pants.
I´ve already bought some of those, but they never quite suited
but this one has the perfect size and colour!

Donnerstag, 22. Juli 2010

blog finds.

These blogs have +1 reader now (me):

domowiches! how cute is this!

beautiful pictures from sunkentreasure
this girl makes really lovely jewelry too.

Many many links and hints for art, fashion, movies 
and more nice stuff on oh, hello there

I love this sheepy plushy friend....
made by anne from Anne's Blog

Mittwoch, 21. Juli 2010


New bag for my camera. 
Surprisingly it was really easy to make.

Already packing some things...
(less than seven days and i´ll be off : )

Apartamento magazine i bought yesterday.

Worth every cent! 

If you like interior design and photography 
you should grab an issue as long as its available...

Thanks to maria, for mentioning it on her blog!

Freitag, 16. Juli 2010

from czech.


I´d like to share these two pictures from last weekend with you.
My boyfriend and i went to czech republic to visit a festival there.
It was the first time since about 10 months that we took out our yellow van again.

Three words: cozy, hot, fun.

Czech people were really open-minded and hospitable;
we got to know a lot of nice people, that we will keep up with.
Sleeping and cooking in the van was also extreeemely comfortable,
we were really happy to have "big yellow" with us.
Just the heat around noon was exhausting, but luckily there was a forest and a 
small creek next to the festival-area, so we could avoid a circulatory collapse!
One more thing: had a nap in my hammock and recognized, 
that i had completely forgot how cozy my hammock is, 
i´m so looking forward to my trip, when i can rest in it, everytime i want to!
Now i´m completely in travel-mood again!!

Donnerstag, 8. Juli 2010


brought my kitties to their summer residence, so they are cared for 
while i´ll be on my holiday-trip.
It really was not easy for me to say goodbye...

...but i know they will be in good company, 
since there are living seven more cats in and around the house!

I had some time to practice my skills in photography,
but i still like close-ups best. 
Maybe that´s a part of the process for a biologist-to-be, 
i often use microscope and looking-glass.

that  last one is a sculpture i made at school some years ago.
the task was to form body parts in the "stone" (ytong) while leaving parts of it untouched.