Donnerstag, 8. Juli 2010


brought my kitties to their summer residence, so they are cared for 
while i´ll be on my holiday-trip.
It really was not easy for me to say goodbye...

...but i know they will be in good company, 
since there are living seven more cats in and around the house!

I had some time to practice my skills in photography,
but i still like close-ups best. 
Maybe that´s a part of the process for a biologist-to-be, 
i often use microscope and looking-glass.

that  last one is a sculpture i made at school some years ago.
the task was to form body parts in the "stone" (ytong) while leaving parts of it untouched.


Violet hat gesagt…

These cat pictures are so adorable. I really love the last two, they are really nice. such beautiful texture, what camera are you using.
xx Violet

bananenblatt hat gesagt…

thank you violet :)
i´m using the canon eos 1000d Xsi i mentioned in an earlier post. i still have to get used to it, but its also quite easy to handle..
cheers to you