Dienstag, 21. September 2010

summer part two.

had a nice weekend camping in czech republic.
now i have a cold again....time for some tea^^
here are some more photos of my summer trip:

filling up the water tank

at dune du pilat, biggest dune of europe

i love taking photos of waves...

me, first time playing with a firestick

Freitag, 10. September 2010

mushrooming part 1

Went mushrooming today with hermann and found these beauties!!
I´m always so struck by the beauty of mushrooms,
they look perfect to me and they are so powerful in their symbiosis to trees...
that may sound crazy but i´m always kind of awestruck of mushrooms...

...now i´ll go ahead and make some good dinner out of them^^

Donnerstag, 9. September 2010

civilisation flashback

I arrived in Vienna two days ago after driving two whole days... cooked coffee during the drive (i do not have a license so i´m always the co-driver) and could not get sleep until 3 am, since i never drink coffee usually....
The weather here is quite cold and cloudy, which i´m really not used to after spending one month in spain and portugal where it practically never rains and you have about 40°C every day...

I would want to present all the impressions from the trip in this blog, so i´ll post the best photos in some posts...

so here we go....

at the train from vienna to styria

old house in France... we took a shower in front of it

the first time in my life at the atlantic coast...near Bordeaux

Lisa cooking lunch in the bus... we always ate delicious veggies^^

Lisa playing with her fire-pois (10sec exposure)

During the trip i had a lot of time to make up my mind about some things and so i came back home with a lot of goals and stuff i want to do....
here are some of them:
* reduce garbage
* buy less new clothes
* sew more own stuff
* make waistbags and jewellery to sell on next years trip
* drive with my boyfriends quad before he sells it
* get my driving license (finally!!!)
* get more plants for my flat :) i want it to be a jungle!
* use cold months for creative work and studying
* mushrooming... i love penny buns!
* get out of the city!