Montag, 28. Juni 2010

distract me.

 I´ll have to write a test tomorrow, so all i should be doing these days
is sit in front of my pc and learn about the Austrian fauna.
Reality is that I am doing a lot other stuff and manage to learn in the gaps
between... if you wonder if that system is working:
No, it´s not, so I´m again in a hurry like everytime before important exams.

Nevertheless I took some time to visit some fleamarkets 
and  (surprise surprise!) was successfully finding some new old stuff...
you see, collectors-disease stroke again....

 love the dotted one, it fits to the bowl i bought last week

makro lens for my DSLR, not a professional one, but cheap : )

this camera, which contained a film suitable for my agfamatic

 agfamatic now loaded and ready to shoot! yay!

another agfa that needs common 35mm film

 a colorful replacement for my broken land
(for only 1€ : )

 first pic with the "new" land, bit blurry but its working!

some great shoes i totally fell in love with.
since they are not my size (damn!) i gave them to my sister.
They are Waldviertler, handmade in Austria and still affordable.
Me, my mom and my sister love to wear them.

I´m back to studying now, wish me luck for tomorrow!

Donnerstag, 24. Juni 2010


Look what came with the mail today:

It´s exactly the one i wanted and only one year old!
It came without lens so i had to hurry to get one today, 
because i did not want to wait any longer to try it out!

Still have to learn about all the functions etc.
but here´s  one first shot i took:

Obviously i´ll need a macro-lens soon...


these green leafy vegs are called ice plant (eiskraut in german).
they really look like this without being frozen, so the 
small drip-like cells are part of the plant.... and they were delicious!
Mellow and crunchy with a subtle sour taste, i ate them as salad
with few dressing. you could cook them like spinach but i guess
then they loose this light sourness.
will definitley buy them again!
they are from a community supported agriculture farm near vienna, called "Ochsenherz"
where they practise bio-organic agriculture.

Samstag, 19. Juni 2010


todays finds from a local churchs fleamarket:

the camera was only 50 cents! 
i´m going to order some suitable films for it today, so i can try it out soon.

There were also some kamasutra-coasters (sorry i forgot to take a photo)
and this funny giant moccasin:

sorry for the bad quality picture, it´s taken with my phone.
when i uploaded it i also found another pic i´ve taken some time ago
and completely forgot about it. 
so if you ever wondered what aspiring biologists write on toilet walls, 
here´s the answer: 

(cyprinus carpio = common carp)

Freitag, 18. Juni 2010

chopped trees.

broccs for dinner today.
they get such a beautiful green colour in the hot water.
i love everything green.
todays test about butterflies, spiders and grubs went perfect.
 feeling good when learning pays off.

Sonntag, 13. Juni 2010


some goodies i found on fleamarkets recently:

(of course the salad is not thrifted^^ it was yummie)

white beauty with missing handle and red time-worn plate with two handles

perfect vintage Tigerlilly-frames

wind up watch

mint green enamel cup
i´m a sucker for pastel enamel dishes

and a really cute baby snail that was living in the coco grass for the cats.
i put it in the yard

Mittwoch, 9. Juni 2010


 Yesterday this small parcel arrived from Hong Kong and i was really excited to get it from the post office today and unwrap these:

Some new music-cushions for my ears! i wasn´t expecting them to be delivered that quickly so i was really happy when i held the parcel in my hands,  i love getting good mail. The sound is also  well, as far as i can tell.   (another bonus: they were really cheap^^)

Today another new leaf of my little bananatree has finally unrolled itself completely - and its quite huge and much lighter than the other leaves! Beautiful!!

Donnerstag, 3. Juni 2010


This came out, when i wanted to take some photos with my Polaroid Land today. I´m not amused about that... since i´m quite sure that it´s a problem with the camera and not the film. Will bring it to the impossible shop on saturday...
To cheer me up from this frustrating results i took some pics with my digicam:
Today i stay at home with my kitties, since the weather is more cloudy and i´m a bit miffed, so i will drink a lot of tea, go for a walk and get prepared for the physics-lessons i´ll have to attend the whole next week ..