Donnerstag, 3. Juni 2010


This came out, when i wanted to take some photos with my Polaroid Land today. I´m not amused about that... since i´m quite sure that it´s a problem with the camera and not the film. Will bring it to the impossible shop on saturday...
To cheer me up from this frustrating results i took some pics with my digicam:
Today i stay at home with my kitties, since the weather is more cloudy and i´m a bit miffed, so i will drink a lot of tea, go for a walk and get prepared for the physics-lessons i´ll have to attend the whole next week ..


Brooke hat gesagt…

Sorry to hear about the polaroid problems. I understand how frustrating that can be ! Hope you can find someone to fix your camera. :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi! I stumbled across your blog via Pia's. Lovely blog!
I can see we have many things in common: vegetarianism, cats and...broken polaroids.
Mine fell on the floor and died. Worst day of my life.

Violet hat gesagt…

I think the polaroids actually look quite nice like that :)
Bit of Rothko style abstract expressionism

Thank you for visiting me. Glad the test went well.


bananenblatt hat gesagt…

@bobby: thanks! hopefully we will have one thing less in common in the near future^^(meaning the broken polaroid)
@violet: that was my second thought, too, i cannot throw them away anyways so they will find a place to be used/exposed etc.

hearblack. hat gesagt…

that first shot is great!