Samstag, 19. Juni 2010


todays finds from a local churchs fleamarket:

the camera was only 50 cents! 
i´m going to order some suitable films for it today, so i can try it out soon.

There were also some kamasutra-coasters (sorry i forgot to take a photo)
and this funny giant moccasin:

sorry for the bad quality picture, it´s taken with my phone.
when i uploaded it i also found another pic i´ve taken some time ago
and completely forgot about it. 
so if you ever wondered what aspiring biologists write on toilet walls, 
here´s the answer: 

(cyprinus carpio = common carp)


Brooke hat gesagt…

Wow, I love that spotted bowl. I have a teacup just ike that. :) The giant mocassin is very interesting. Where the heck did that come from, I wonder?

bananenblatt hat gesagt…

i thought it could be one of these giant glogs, where you store guests-slippers inside... or maybe a bed for a newborn^^

Brooke hat gesagt…

Ooh, like a little bassinett. Yes, it might be. :)