Sonntag, 13. Juni 2010


some goodies i found on fleamarkets recently:

(of course the salad is not thrifted^^ it was yummie)

white beauty with missing handle and red time-worn plate with two handles

perfect vintage Tigerlilly-frames

wind up watch

mint green enamel cup
i´m a sucker for pastel enamel dishes

and a really cute baby snail that was living in the coco grass for the cats.
i put it in the yard


schorlemädchen hat gesagt…

oh die brille ist ja klasse..ganz wunderbar

Sophia hat gesagt…

du hast ein glück, ich find emailsachen meistens nur teuer. schöne sachen!

Violet hat gesagt…

some very good finds. I love that teapot!
Do you have the winter kate moccasins? I really want them but they are sooo expensive.

bananenblatt hat gesagt…

@violet: no i dont, but a good friend of mine is also dreaming of them. i think they are really cute, maybe i´ll try to make some similar ones by myself (after all the exams during the next few weeks:P)

Brooke hat gesagt…

I love that little enameled cup! Perfect for camping, or tea outside. Or inside, for that matter. It's awesome.