Freitag, 16. Juli 2010

from czech.


I´d like to share these two pictures from last weekend with you.
My boyfriend and i went to czech republic to visit a festival there.
It was the first time since about 10 months that we took out our yellow van again.

Three words: cozy, hot, fun.

Czech people were really open-minded and hospitable;
we got to know a lot of nice people, that we will keep up with.
Sleeping and cooking in the van was also extreeemely comfortable,
we were really happy to have "big yellow" with us.
Just the heat around noon was exhausting, but luckily there was a forest and a 
small creek next to the festival-area, so we could avoid a circulatory collapse!
One more thing: had a nap in my hammock and recognized, 
that i had completely forgot how cozy my hammock is, 
i´m so looking forward to my trip, when i can rest in it, everytime i want to!
Now i´m completely in travel-mood again!!

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Sophia hat gesagt…

besonders das erste bild ist sehr stimmungsvoll