Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011


Bought me this book yesterday and cant wait 
to try out the techniques that are shown in it.


it also includes some original templates from yellow owl workshop,
which are lovely as you can see above.
hopefully i can show you some prints of my own soon...
i´m already gasping for some creative work, but my marathon of exams
is not over yet, so i have to be patient....

anyways, i think i´m going to sew or knit or crotchet later today :)


Anonym hat gesagt…

Use Your hands for handcrafting to feel You are able to manage it!So You are growing in Your "inside"! Old Mum

Lotte Janssens hat gesagt…

the book looks great. and you did a good job with the potholder !
I wish you much off luck with your exams, hope it all goes well for you !