Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

turkish delight.

Two days ago i bought these parts of an old kelim.
The seller said it´s from around 1930.
I handwashed them because they smelled like an ashtray, 
now they smell like old carpet :)

i don´t know already what i will make out of them (maybe pillowcases?)
but i´m pretty sure they will go in the van.
i´m so excited about painting and rearranging the interior of the van
as soon as it gets warmer...


Sophia hat gesagt…

gefällt mir sehr!

Brooke hat gesagt…

These are gorgeous textiles!

Lotte Janssens hat gesagt…

very nice

Erica hat gesagt…

Popped over from Moon to Moon. These are amazing. I also love the yellow owl print post... Those bottles!!! Amazing. :)

Hermine - Journal de jours hat gesagt…

That's a beautiful treasure you found !