Sonntag, 6. Februar 2011

boodle soup.

Today i managed to convince my boyfriend to go for a walk with me.
It was not easy and took some bribe in the form of soup
and some headachekillers - and finally we went outside!
juhuuu, bye computer, farewell physiologybook!
i really needed a break from studying and from being inside
while seeing the sun shining outside.

We did not go very long, but long enough 
to gain some energy from the sun and the fresh air.
I took those few pics and then the battery of my camera was dead...


Lotte Janssens hat gesagt…

looks like you had such a nice walk. It's so good to see some little spring appearing in your pictures. All the best with your studies and that it al goes well for you.

enjoy your weekend !

Brooke hat gesagt…

the little daisy is lovely ~ hope you get to take another break when you need it. :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Oh, fine, the daisy is a plant that looses its head again and again, because people mow it down,-but it comes up again and again and again... so it is a plant to learn how to overlive... Much luck from Old Mum

Lotte Janssens hat gesagt…

I need your email adress, can you contact me on

thank you