Samstag, 15. Mai 2010


It wont be necessary to jump out of my skin. Never ever again. You know why? Coz today i found a facial cleanser that makes my skin smooth like baby skin (more or less;)
Its "Herbalism" by Lush and made of almond and rice bran and some other well chosen  ingredients - and its green like peamush! The nice lady at the shop also gave me a sample of the "Coco cream" for trying as a body lotion, and i´m already hooked on it... its non perfumed and leaves a velvety coat on your skin....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
If you want to know more just check out the website and read about their ideas of eco-friendly cosmetics.

In case you wonder if i already tried to wash my hair with rice bran: nope!
i didnt find any at near shops so i chose to take wheat bran instead - big mistake!
It took about twenty minutes to wash it out of my hair (including two or three times shampooing)
tomorrow i search for REAL ORIGINAL RICE BRAN at local asian food shops
and then give it a (second) try........

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