Sonntag, 23. Mai 2010

eating corn with chopsticks

Yesterdays evening project:
I hardly ever wore those so i had to change something about them, and here´s the result:


I think they look much better now... and believe me, it wasn´t as easy as i thought it would be (like always:)
since i couldn´t manage to sew a lot with the sewing machine i had to sew by hand without a thimble, which isn´t as easy with this thick layered fabric. so i had to take pliers to hold the needle and push it trough the layers.... have to get a thimble soon (why do i have none???)

I would love to change the colour into maybe red or something, but don´t know if the fabric is all acrylic, cause then dying wouldn´t work. Maybe i just try it out and see what comes out of that...

ps: do you wonder about the title?  thats what i did last night ^^


Sophia hat gesagt…

viel besser :)

Brooke hat gesagt…

those are amazing~ you did a great job tailoring them into ankle boots. i love them! :)

bananenblatt hat gesagt…

DANKE and thanks!

Teresa hat gesagt…

Oh, wow, you did a great job converting them into booties! These will make perfect summer shoes!