Donnerstag, 25. August 2011

home is where you park it

one of our many resting places

traditional romanian clogs i bought here.
I´ve wanted some since our first trip to romania two years ago, they are really comfy!
bushfire near Vadu
Two and a half weeks have already past since we left vienna to go to slovakia, romania and finally bulgaria. Time is running so fast and i would want one more month to live in our van, so we could go to Greece, too. But on monday next week we will have to start our way back to vienna, as we will have to go 500km per day. We also have a new member in our family:

She is about 6 weeks old and was abandoned at the parking lot of a big supermarket, nearly run over by the cars. We decided to take her with us and try to find a good home for her. She likes to  fall asleep on my neck or in my armpit. In the morning she is crawling on our faces to wake us up.
As every year i have so many ideas of stuff i want to do when i´m back home, like practicing Italian language, sewing ideas etc. and i hope i can pull off all of those and not get slowed down by the daily routine and the city blues.


cb hat gesagt…

what an amazing trip and your new kitty is so cute! i hope you can keep her!!

Brooke hat gesagt…

I'm so happy you rescued the kitten. The clogs look so comfy and hope you enjoy your ride home ~ whenever I return home from a trip, I have so many ideas and things to change as well, and it takes a while to assimilate it all ~ but you will. :)

Elana hat gesagt…

Ach du meine Güte, ist die entzückend. Und euer Urlaub (?) wirkt total genial! Wie lange seid ihr unterwegs?

Sophia hat gesagt…

Schaut aus dass ihr es sehr schön habt :)

xOxO S hat gesagt…

die Katze ist ja sowas von süüüß :) Tolle Fotos!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Welcome home, also to Mia,the large-ear-cat! Thanks for giving some views from your wonderful holidays for us "working-through-persons". Fine that You enjoyed it and that Your bus brought You back to our home. Old Mum

Aquarienfisch hat gesagt…

Och gott, ihr Zustand bricht einem ja das Herz :(
Mein Emilio war auch etwa so alt und sah auch so ungefähr aus, als ich ihn von einem Bauernhof (mitten in Bayern...) gerettet hab.

Wahnsinn, wie sie sich jetzt gemacht hat :)