Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010


Visited a fleamarket last weekend and bought this tiny sign for 50 cents.
I will mount it to the new campervan my boyfriend and i bought.

We also went to a medieval adventmarket, where we drank some
honey-mead, watched the fire-spitting fool and strolled through
the stalls of artisan goods.  
I took this spoon of olivewood home with me.

And we have a new member in the plant family:
Say hello to Smila!
She´s a butterfly-orchid.
Normally i don´t give names to my plants, 
but it just came to my mind when i carried her to the car...


Brooke hat gesagt…

Hi Smila :)

lovely spoon, too!

Crystal Calliope hat gesagt…

Smilla is very pretty and a good wooden spoon is hard to beat. I only drank honey mead once, but it was in a forest by the sea, sitting on rocks across from barking seals.

bananenblatt hat gesagt…

@ Crystal: that sounds like a wonderful place for drinking mead!

Lotte hat gesagt…

That's a nice idea to give your plant a name,lovely wooden spoons

Bianca hat gesagt…

ooh. great spoons. i don't know what it is about wooden spoons but i just can't get enough.