Freitag, 8. Oktober 2010

leafy, please!

I have been looking for this kind of patterned dish for a while, having it in the back of my mind on every fleamarket visit, but not knowing more about it.... i found out, that its a very famous pattern of swedish designer Stig Lindberg!
He has designed a lot of great patterns and now i´m really into them^^

This tureen was sold at an auction house for 750€!!!!

beautiful "melodi" fabric  (via vintagemint)


I still have some colours for painting ceramics left, so i´ll try to put some lindberg-ish pattern to a dish...


Sophia hat gesagt…

oh schön! der teller oder die platte mit dem orangenen muster gefällt mir besonders. bin schon gespannt, wie deines wird!

Crystal Calliope hat gesagt…

The art here is beautiful. I love those green leaf patterned plates and the paintings are haunting and make me feel curious. Thank you for sharing.

torunn hat gesagt…

Stig Lindberg is my absolute favourite designer! The leaf-collection is really expensive but someday when I'm rich I'll buy every plate, mug and cup I can find. Love it. You have great taste!